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Surrey Theatre

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(zobrazit)4.11.1782 | opening
The Royal Circus was opened by the composer and song writer, Charles Dibdin (who coined the word "circus"),aided by Charles Hughes, a well-known equestrian performer.
(zobrazit)1799 | fire

(zobrazit)12.8.1805 | fire

(zobrazit)1806 | Alteration
Rebuilt in 1806 by the Italian architect of the Old Vic, Rudolph Cabanel, it was converted into a theatre by Robert Elliston.
(zobrazit)29.1.1865 | fire

During the last scene of the pantomime Richard Coeur de Lion, a fire began above the chandelier. The audience evacuated safely, but before the cast could leave the entire theatre was plunged into darkness, as the gas supervisor cut the gas supply to prevent an explosion. Panic ensued backstage, but the cast were led to safety through the burning scenery by the efforts of Green (acting manager), Rowella (the 'clown'), Evans (the 'pantaloon'), Vivian (the 'sprite') and others. The cast, still in their flimsy stage clothes, were conveyed to their lodgings in a fleet of cabs, provided by the police. In less than ten minutes the interior was ablaze, and the theatre was burnt down shortly after midnight.

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/1865/02/19/news/the-surrey-theatre-its-total-destruction-by-fire.html


(zobrazit)26.12.1865 | opening
A new theatre was designed by John Ellis with seating for 2,161 people in four tiers.
(zobrazit)1920 | alteration
Converted to a cinema.
(zobrazit)1934 | demolition
It finally closed in 1924, and the building was demolished in 1934. The site is now occupied by modern flats.





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