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Adelphi Theatre

Ernest Schaufelberg

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The present Adelphi Theatre is virtually the fourth new theatre on the site, though the earlier theatres underwent many reconstructions, and parts of the buildings have overlapped and remained incorporated in their successors.

The Adelphi Theatre has clean geometric lines in the art deco style, designed by Ernest Schaufelberg in the 1930 during rebuilding of the theatre.


"The reconstructed Adelphi Theatre is designed with a complete absence of curves. Externally and internally the entire conception is carried out in straight lines and angles, the angle of thirty-two degrees being used as the master note. Considerable public attention was rivetted on the work during its final stages, owing to the big hustle performed by the builders to keep to the schedule. It is understood that the theatre was to open on November 24, and that the owners were to pay Mr Cochran a penalty of £450 for every day they were late in handing over the theatre. . . . The lower half of the walls and fronts of the two circles has been panelled in wood of a deep orange colour, per­fectly plain, polished and with no decorative motif whatsoever. This, with the general colour scheme of orange, green, and gold, with bronze insets on the underside of the circles, gives a most bizarre and opulent atmosphere."

IN: "Trigonometry in the Theatre" Architects' Journal (3 December 1930)


Used literature:

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Autoři: Raymond Mander, Joe Mitcheson, Victor Glasstone

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