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Magic Mill Puppet Theatre

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Important events

(detail)1992 | opening



Architectural description

From 1986 the Csodamalom (Wonder Mill) Puppet Theatre operated in Miskolc in the building of the former Fábián mill, in Kossuth Lajos Street no.11. The name also originated from this period. From 1992 it has been working as a professional theatre in the building of the former Studio Theatre.

An one-storey-high building in which the central axis,  an iron gate, closes the car vestibule. Through this car driveway we can get into the inner courtyard from which the entrance of the puppet theatre opens.



In the early 1900s the building was used as the headquarters of the Ipartestület (Trade Association), for communal gatherings and for conferences of the Builders' Trades Union. Later it was named Kossuth Cultural House and hosted different exhibitions. During the summer it hosted performances organized by the Cultural and Management Office of the local government. During the renovation works of the Miskolc National Theatre it funcioned as the studio hall of the theatre. The fixed seating in the auditorium dates from this time. Since 1992 it has been the home of Miskolc Magic Mill Puppet Theatre


About the puppet company

The Magic Mill Puppet Theatre is the Miskolc civic authority's children's theatre. It began its work in 1986 as an amateur group on the initiative of Tibor Korzsenyi in the Fabián Mill, which had been renovated for the benefit of the civic symphony orchestra. Its first performance, given on 26 Sepember 1986, was an adaptation of the Grimms' fairy tale Hansel and Gretel.
In a few years it had outgrown both amateur framework and venue. In 1988, as the amateur group of the Civic Cultural Centre, the company obtained a collective functioning licence from the National Philharmonia, then from 1992 was able to function as an official theatre. It found a home at 11 Kossuth utca, in the building of the former Chamber Theatre, where it had already been able to establish its own workshop.
At the outset the ensemble wished to maintain the best traditions of the State Puppet Theatre, and this was reflected in both the style of performances and the repertoire. Primarily, classic puppet items were performed for younger audiences, chiefly with Véra Bródy's puppets.



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