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Municipal Theatre Na Poště

Marcel Dusil

alias City District Theatre Benešov (1949 - 1959)
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Important events

(detail)1899 | construction
The building was constructed in 1899- 1904 to the design by builder Marcel Dusil.
(detail)1902 | opening

(detail)1922 | competition

(detail)1.9.1950 | opening

(detail)80. 's 20. century | reconstruction


Marcel Dusil |main architect
(detail)Karel Polívka |architect - participant of the competition

A stage designer and architect. He was engaged in stage designing, especially for operas by Bedřich Smetana. He participated in numerous competitions, winning the one for a new building of Matice Slovenská in Turčanský Sv. Martin (Slovakia) in 1924. The majority of his work is located in Prague, where are numerous blocks of flats, designed by him with cooperation of J. Mentberger or arch. Brožek.


More theatres

Bedřich Adámek |architect - participant of the competition




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