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Opernhaus am Taschenberg

Wolf Caspar von Klengel

alias Komödienhaus am Taschenberg, Klengelsches Opernhaus
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Important events

(detail)1667 | opening

(detail)1708 | closure


Wolf Caspar von Klengel |main architect


Das 1664 bis 1667 von Wolf Caspar von Klengel erbaute erste Dresdner Opernhaus fasste bis zu 2000 Besucher und war eines der größten europäischen Theater seiner Zeit. Dresden's first opera house, 1664, was by a German architect who had studied in Italy, Kaspar von Klengel; here the proscenium arch was combined with sweeping staircases to the gallery, an interesting attempt to bring the grand staircase inside the auditorium.


In: TIDWORTH, Simon. Theatres: An Illustrated History. London: Pall Mall, 1973. p. 74



Author: Simon Tidworth

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