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F. X. Šalda Theatre

Ferdinand Fellner, Hermann Helmer

alias Stadttheater (1881–1945), North Bohemian Theatre of F. X. Šalda Liberec (1958–1959), F. X. Šalda Theatre (1959–), Regional District Theatre Liberec (1948–1950), North Bohemian Theatre Liberec (1950–1958), Land Regional Theatre in Liberec (1945–1946), North Bohemian National Theatre Liberec (1946–1948)
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Historic equipment

Type: Curtain
Period: 1883
Type: Sculptures
Period: 80. 's 19. century
A baluster parapet and four sculptural groups are situated above the main cornice. Above the bay on the right is a group representing Art Spreading the Fire of...