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Holborn Empire

William Finch Hill, Edward Lewis Paraire

alias Royal Holborn Theatre of Varieties, Royal Music Hall, Weston's Music-Hall
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Important events

(detail)16.11.1857 | opening

(detail)80. 's 19. century | Alteration
(detail)1906 | alteration

(detail)1941 | closure


William Finch Hill |main architect
Edward Lewis Paraire |main architect


This theatre was opened as Weston's Music-Hall on 16 Nov. 1857 and had a consistently successful career, being rebuilt in 1887 and renamed the Royal Music-Hall, its chairman then being W. B. Fair, singer of the popular 'Tommy, Make Room for your Uncle'. Many famous stars appeared there, but round about 1900 its popularity began to decline and it closed in June 1905. Completely rebuilt, it opened on 29 Jan. 1906 as the Holborn Empire and then had a successful career.... On the night of 11-12 May 1941 the building was badly damaged by bombs and remained derelict until it was demolished in 1961.


In: Hartnoll, Phyllis, ed. The concise Oxford companion to the theatre. 1st ed. London: Oxford University Press, 1972.   ISBN 0-19-281102-9. p. 253



Author: Hartnoll Phyllis

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