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Schlosstheater Litomyšl

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Historische Ausstattung

Typ: Other
Periode: 18. Jahrhundert
Some elements of the original lighting system are a component of the preserved stage equipment – a footlight, adapted to be lowered under the stage, revolving racks...
painted curtain
Typ: Curtain
Periode: 1797
Typ: Scenery
Periode: 18. Jahrhundert
A large collection of scenery has been preserved only with minor losses that was painted for the Litomyšl Theatre by Viennese court painter Josef Platzer (1751–1806), a...
Stage machinery
Typ: Stage machinery
Periode: 18. Jahrhundert
The stage of the theatre has been preserved, including a system for changing scenery on an open stage. It consists of a winch for changing flats and borders, pulleys to...