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Corral de comedías

Leonardo de Oviedo

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Important events

(detail)1628 | Start of construction

(detail)1652 | Opening of the theatre


Leonardo de Oviedo |main architect


The corral de comedias theatre in Almagro was built in 1628 by Leonardo de Oviedo. It bears the characteristics of a typical Manchego house. Its architectonical elements being in line with its double functionality inn and theatre.

The building was closed for theatre performances in the XVIII century when during the reign of Felipe V the closure of these places were decreed.

The corral comedy theatre carried on being used as an inn and residence.

In 1954 the corral comedy theatre was rediscovered and from that moment various restorations were carried out which have contributed to keeping it active and intact to this day.

In fact, it is the only open-air theatre which has preserved its original structure.

Nowadays, there are theatre performances all throughout the year including the international festival of classical theatre.



The oldest theatre in Spain and the only preserved Corral de Comedias in the world. In this courtyard theatre from 1620 one can experience what theatre was like in the Golden Age of Spanish literature, the times of Cervantes, Lope de Vega, Calderón de la Barca and Tirso de Molina.

Corral de Comedias • Plaza Mayor, 18 • 13270 Almagro • Ciudad Real • Spain • Tel.: +34 (0)926 86 15 39 •www.ciudad-almagro.com/donde/1328709263/Corral-de-Comedias

Visits: daily at varying opening times; please consult website for details

Almagro turismo
Tel.: +34 (0)926 86 07 17




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