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Móricz Zsigmond Színház

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(detail)1894 | opening


The permanent theare building in Nyíregyháza, which is still standing, was opened in 1894. In the 19th century performances were held in a summer theatre, which was a typical building type of the century. The one-storey-high building facade is articulated with seven opening axes. The middle projection is articulated with three axes. On the ground floor the middle projection is articulated with three circular-ended entrances, which work as a terrace on the first floor.

The ground floor openings are circular ended. The first floor windows are framed by a tympanum shape, on the side wings the window openings are square-ended. The ground floor’s wall-face and the corners are horizontally grouted as well. A dividing and a closing edge are running around the building. The theater space can be classified as a linearly confronted axial type. The rows of seats formed a curved line and a mild fan form, almost everyone from the audience facing the stage. On the first floor there is a balcony with 4 rows of seats.




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