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Jaroslav Horejc

Fecha de nacimiento: 1886
fecha de fallecimiento: 1983
Profesión principal: sculptor
Enlaces: http://horejc.proweb.cz/ (n/a)

He belonged to the most distinctive representatives of Czech Neo-classicism, inspired by Greek archaic sculpture (Amfitrité, 1913). His easily recognizable style is characterized by broadly elongated figures, with small head, thin hips and broad shoulders. His rather decorative than monumental sculpture expression caused that he was sought-after author of architectural ornamentation (sculpture on the savings bank in Karlín, on building of Czechoslovakian embassy in Warsaw, on headquarters of communications in Pardubice, on ministerial complex below Emauzy in Prague). He was an author of Memorial of Fallen in Dvůr Králové (1922), cemetery sculpture of Alois Jirásek´s tomb in Hronov and several tombstones in Vinohrady cemetery.

In: http://www.libri.cz/databaze/kdo20/search.php?zp=1&name=Horejc+Jaroslav

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