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Jaroslav Kosek

Fecha de nacimiento: 1907
fecha de fallecimiento: 2006
Profesión principal: arquitecto
Enlaces: http://www.archiweb.cz/salon.php?action=show&id=1456&type=10 (n/a)

After training by builders J. Duchoslav in Č. Třebová and L. Caňkář in Nymburk (1932-1934), he studied in Prague Academy of Fine Arts in 1934-1937 by Josef Gočár, with whom he cooperated on the work of the modern gallery on Letná. He acquired an eminence of being a creative architect by designing a family house in Poděbrady (1939),Hálek Theatre (1934-1936), residence housing of Novák Brother in Nymburk (1940) and architecturally interesting tendere designs (a town hall in Rychnov nad Kněžnou,1940; adjustment of Lidice, 1945; a memorial in Dukla, 1946; completion the Old Town city hall,1946. He worked shortly in atelier of Jiří Kroha  in Prague Stavoprojekt after 1948. He shifted to the field of industrial construction, where we worked since 1953 up to 1977, when he retired.  

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Hálek Town Theatre Nymburk (arquitecto principal)

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