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Leiden Playhouse

Dirk van Soest

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(Detalle)1705 | opening


Dirk van Soest |arquitecto principal


De Leidse Schouwburg is located in the picturesque city centre of Leiden, only 20 minutes from Amsterdam. In 1705 actor Jacob van Rijndorp received permission to construct the first public theatre in Holland on the site of a burned down brewery. The building was enlarged in 1865 by architect Jan Willem Schaap. He designed the current horseshoe-shaped auditorium that is renowned for its excellent acoustics and perspective. In the 1970’s the theatre was saved from demolition but it was the extensive restoration campaign in 1997 that revived the brilliant splendour of the “grand old lady.” Today its 541 seats are taken by approximately 90,000 spectators each year who enjoy a variety of more than 230 performances in the stunning ambiance of chandeliers, plush and red carpets.



Leidse Schouwburg, Oude Vest 43, 2312 XS Leiden, he Netherlands

Tel.: +31 (0)71 5163899, E-mail: info@leidseschouwburg.nlwww.leidseschouwburg.nl

Visits: guided tours can be booked by telephone or on the Internet



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