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Palace Theatre in Český Krumlov

Historia del teatrosuplementodatos técnicosEquipamiento histórico

Equipamiento histórico

Tipo: vestuario
Periodo: 17. siglo
The castle theatre contains one of the most remarkable collection of theatre costumes from the 17th and 18th century in Europe: more than 150 pieces of theatrical and...
Tipo: telón
Periodo: 1766
Authors: Hans Wetschel and Leo Märkel,
Historic scenery
Tipo: decorados
Periodo: 60. de 18. siglo
The decorations of the Krumlov theatre were painted by Viennese painters Johann Wetschel and Leo Merkel in 1766 and 1767. The large collection contains eleven complete...
Tipo: otro
Periodo: 60. de 18. siglo
The lightning played a significant role the 18th century theatre. Therefore, it is very important that more than 400 pieces of lights and equipment have been preserved...
Painted ceiling
Tipo: otro
Periodo: 18. siglo
The painters of decorations, Wetschel and Merkl, painted the auditorium including the ceiling, where they depicted various ancient gods with Apollo in the middle of...
Tipo: utilería
Periodo: 18. siglo
There are more than 170  stage props  as a part of the preserved equipment,  mostly from the second half of the 18th century.
Stage machinery
Tipo: maquinaria escénica
Periodo: 18. siglo
The castle theatre has been preserved with complicated stage machinery, primarily created for scenery changes on an open stage and for various effects, including several...