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Lyceum Theatre

Samuel Beazley

alias Royal Lyceum Theatre, English Opera House, Theatre Royal
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eventos importantes

(Detalle)15.6.1816 | opening
An older building was completely rebuilt to the designs of Samuel Beazley.
(Detalle)16.2.1830 | fire
Conflagration completely destroyed the structure.
(Detalle)4.7.1834 | opening
Erected to the design by Samuel Beazley with the now still remaining frontage in Wellington Street.
(Detalle)1882 | Alteration
To the design by C. J. Phipps.
(Detalle)1884 | alteration
To the design by C. J. Phipps.
(Detalle)31.12.1904 | opening
Designed by Bertie Crewe and built by J. Parkinson.


(Detalle)Samuel Beazley |arquitecto principal
English theatre architect, designer of the Lyceum, the St. James's, the City of London, that part of the Adelphi fronting on the Strand, and the colonnade of Drury Lane. His buildings, though plain and somewhat uninteresting, were good and well adapted for their purpose. A prolific dramatist, mainly of ephemeral farces and short comedies, Beazley was also responsible for poor translations of several operatic libretti. IN: Hartnoll, Phyllis, ed. The concise Oxford companion to the theatre. 1st ed. London: Oxford University Press, 1972.  ISBN 0-19-281102-9. p. 8 Más teatros




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