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Pavilion Theatre

Bertie Crewe

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(Detalle)29.2.1904 | Opening
It was designed by Bertie Crewe and it is one of the country’s best surviving Edwardian theatres.


Bertie Crewe |arquitecto principal


The Pavilion Theatre in Glasgow is a luxurious example of variety theatre. Designed in an exuberant French Baroque style, and with a profusion of detail on its buff terracotta street elevations including touches of blue and gold mosaic, it makes a striking and distinctive contribution to the architectural character of the city.


In: Acting with confidence. Scotland's theatre architecture. [online]. The Theatres Trust, 2011 [quoted 18.10.2013]. ISBN 978-1-84917-038-3. p.13 Available from: http://www.theatrestrust.org.uk/resources/publications 



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