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Bonci Theatre

Vincenzo Ghinelli

alias Teatro Bronci
Historia del teatrosuplementodatos técnicosEquipamiento histórico

eventos importantes

(Detalle)1843 | Start of building

(Detalle)1846 | Opening

(Detalle)1924 | Building of orchestra pit


Vincenzo Ghinelli |arquitecto principal
Francesco Migliari |arquitecto
Antonio Pio |pintor
Pietro Venier |diseñador de interiores


Built between 1843 and 1846 according to plans of the architect Vincenzo Ghinelli, the theatre features a neoclassical facade in the style of Piermarini and an auditorium by Francesco Migliari for about 800 spectators. The stage is said to be one of the biggest in Europe. The original stage sets by Pietro Venier from Verona and the painted curtain by the local artist Antonio Pio are preserved as well as the area above the stage with its drums and three sound machines. The numerous interventions that became necessary from 1846 till today have not visibly changed the original, with the exception, as everywhere, of the orchestra pit that was added in 1924 and cut back the stage. The theatre got its name in 1940 after the death of the tenor Alessandro Bonci who was born in Cesena.


Visits: on appointment, tel.: +39 0547 355724

Tel. box office: +39 0547 355959, Tel. guardian: +39 0547 355911, E-mail: ufficiocultura@teatrobonci.it, www.teatrobonci.it



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