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Empire Theatre

Thomas Verity

alias Empire Theatre (1884 -1887), Empire Theatre of Varieties (1887 - 1898), Royal London Panorama (1865 -1884)
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eventos importantes

(Detalle)1884 | construction

(Detalle)1933 | alteration
Cinema since 1933.



The opening of the Empire was delayed by 'the very positive demands of the Board of Works', which was newly aware of fire hazards. As a result, the theatre was equipped with better entrances and exits, while the tiers and corridors were constructed of fireproof materials. A special and novel feature was the 'foyer, which was so generally popular on the Continent' . A spacious staircase provided access to the foyer and to the two promenades surrounding the tiers which were later to become notorious as the haunt of prostitutes.


In: Glasstone, Victor: Victorian and Edwardian Theatres: An Architectural and Social Survey. Harvard 1975 p. 66



Autor: Victor Glasstone

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