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Religious drama, mansion

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(Detalle)13. siglo | Opening


Religious drama was now fully making use of all the possibilities for staging in a church and consequently found its way outside of them. For example, the feast of Corpus Christi was 'staged' as a parade. All of the needed mansion stages appeared on the scene when using a fixed stage. The spectators thus could see all of the scenes together which would be used in the play. Heaven and Hell were almost always present on opposite parts of the stage.

The main picture show multiple set for the Valenciennes Passion Play, 1547.   The mansiones  were probably grouped round three sides of a courtyard. From left to right, they represent Heaven, Nazareth, the Temple, Jerusalem, Herod's Palace, 'Bishop's House'  (i.e. the Sanhedrin), the Golden Gate, in front of which is the Sea (of Galilee) and finally, on the extreme right, Hell.



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