newsnews from TACE chance to see: BEYOND EVERYDAYNESS – Theatre Architecture in Central Europe 21:55 The exhibition creates an overview of the most important theatre buildings in Central Europe. It draws attention to the cultural diversity of Central Europe and tries to find a common universal language through the architectural field. On display in Museum of Architecture and Design, at the Castle Fužine, in Ljubljana until 9 January 2011. Open Monday - Sunday, 10.00-18.00.8th OISTAT THEATRE ARCHITECTURE COMPETITION 2011 09:40 The OISTAT Theatre Architecture Competition (TAC) is an international ideas competition, aimed at students and emerging practitioners, which is organised every four years by the Architecture Commission of OISTAT (International Organisation of Scenographers, Technicians and Theatre Architects). Closing date for despatch of entries and payment: 11 March 2011.BEYOND EVERYDAYNESS. Exhibition of Theatre Architecture in Central Europe 21:12 The exhibition ‘Beyond Everydayness – Theatre Architecture in Central Europe’ is on display at the Royal Castle in Warsaw until July 28th 2010.Theatre Closer to the Public 18:58 The winning project in the ‘The New Theatre for the 21st Century’ competition was presented by the authors themselves. The winners are a five-member team of students from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Ljubljana named: Alen Hausmeister, Mina Hiršman, Aleš Kacin, Jana Kocjan and Katja Ložar. The presentation of project took place just prior to a seminar ‘Thinking the Space’ and on this occasion we had an opportunity to interview them. We talked about the contest, working as a team, travel, and plans for the future. Stage – City – Communication 10:25 The student contest ‘Theatre for the 21st Century’ has its winner. We talked about this, as well as the contest, teamwork, and other projects with Osama Okamura, architect, and editor-in-chief of one of the most popular architectural magazines in the Czech Republic, Era 21, and he was one of the contest’s judges. Theatres in Central Europe 20:59 Opening speech by György Spiró for the TACE exhibition BEYOND EVERYDAYNESS in Budapest.Conference "The World of Baroque Theatre 18:07 The Baroque Theatre Foundation of Český Krumlov Castle announces the 9th year of the international conference "The World of Baroque Theatre". The conference is held at Český Krumlov Castle on June 4-6, 2010. For more detailed information see attached files or write to: Theatre Needs No Architecture 19:38 On Friday, 26 March, the exhibition ‘Beyond Everydayness – Theatre Architecture in Central Europe’ was opened to the public in Budapest. This is part of the outcome of the TACE project. To mark this occasion, we interviewed the main curator of the exhibition, the architect Igor Kovačevič. The interview revolved around the concepts of central Europe and theatre architecture, the conception behind the exhibition, and the demands on and ability of contemporary audiences to register visual stimuli.THE THEATRE AND THE CITY 09:00 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, 26-27 MARCH, BUDAPEST Lectures, panel discussions with Central-European architects, art historians, theatre directors, writers and scenographers The city as theatre; the role of public spaces and buildings in the cityscape; set design and architecture; experimental theatre spaces; space experience: city, theatre and stage. CHAMBER EXHIBITIONS: - VISIONS AND POSSIBILITIES / THEATRE BUILDING FOR THE 21ST CENTURY international exhibition of plans by architecture students (from the technical universities of Ljubljana, Bratislava, Budapest, Prague, Brno, Gliwice, Gdańsk, Liberec). The plans were realized for the student workshop of the TACE programme in Ljubljana. - Plans for the new building of the Weöres Sándor Theatre in Szombathely. A selection from the works of the two-round architectural competition (2008-2009) dedicated to the memory of Mihály Vargha Does a national architecture exist?, asks the large TACE exhibition 11:03 Is the National Theatre in Prague ‘just’ a display case for domestic culture, or is it also a symbol of Czech architecture? And how has the national awareness of Poles, Hungarians, Slovenians, Slovaks, and Russians been reflected in the past two centuries in their main theatre buildings? These and other questions are raised by the major exhibition project ‘Beyond Everydayness’, which will be welcomed this year and next year in metropolises throughout Europe and will present around seventy different theatre buildings. The exhibition has been created as part of the multi-year project TACE (Theatre Architecture in Central Europe) and its curator is the architect Igor Kovačevič and his team.Wild Thoughts - Divje misli 16:34 TACE workshop & exhibition in Ljubljana brought up a topic for a public discussion at Slovene Ministry of Culture Divje misli (Wild Thoughts) is a series of discussions organised by the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia, with an aim of public intervention into the space of reflection on culture. The discussion held on December the 3rd 2009 dealt with the question: Is Ljubljana the city in which a new theatre, a theatre for the 21st century, could be built?The Appearance of the New Theatre in Ljubljana Could Influence People from throughout the World 10:36 The hyper-modern, abstract as well as traditional, designs for a new theatre in Ljubljana, Slovenia, created by students from schools of five European countries, are from the 25th of November available for viewing here. More than 50 designs by architecture students from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia demonstrate various approaches to making use of a vacant lot in the historical core of the capital of Slovenia while at the same time creating a space suitable for modern theatre operations. Visitors to the web pages also have the opportunity to vote on the most successful design as well as comment or evaluate particular projects. Apart from the public parts of the competition, various experts (architects, academics and art historians) will be voting via Internet. The public voting on the web pages will come to a close on the 10th of January 2010.Symposium on Central European Experimental Theatre Space 02:44 Experimental theatre and theatre in a non-traditional space in the second half of the 20th century will be the theme of an international symposium which will take place on the 26th and 27th of November in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Prominent specialists from Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic will be presenting papers dedicated to experimental theatre as both an artistic discipline and a social phenomenon within the context of post-war developments in Central Europe. The speakers are: Judit Csanádi (Hungary), Oleg Dlouhý (Slovakia), Anna Grusková (Slovakia), Primož Jesenko (Slovenia), Andreja Kopač (Slovenia), Tatjana Lazorčáková (Czech Republic), Barbara Novakovič (Slovenia), Joanna Ostrowska (Poland), Ivo Svetina (Slovenia), Borbála Szalay (Hungary), Juraj Šebesta (Slovakia), Pavel Štorek (Czech Republic), Tomaž Toporišič (Slovenija), Julius Tyszka (Poland), Dragan Živadinov (Slovenia), Tomáš Žižka (Czech Republic). A Theatre Building is “Unfinished Architecture” 10:12 In October of this year a symposium on experimental theatre space in the second half of the 20th century will take place in Ljubljana as part of the framework of the TACE project. We had the pleasure of carrying out an interview with its main organiser, the Director of the Slovenian Theatre Museum, Ivo Svetina where we discussed both experimental theatre space and the workshop “Theatre Architecture - Visions and Possibilities”, the first part of which occurred in Ljubljana in March of this year. Jiří Hilmera Died (26.3.1925-27.4.2009) 14:23 Jiří Hilmera, art historian and leading Czech specialist on theatre architecture and the history of scenography, died on the 27th of April 2009 while still fully involved in his work. Hilmera also served as the head of the TACE expert team as of the year 2008 for whom his death will be a truly significant loss.What Will Theatre Look Like In The 21st Century? 10:23 What will theatre look like in the 21st century? What role should it have in contemporary society? How should it be incorporated into the existing organism of the city or town? These are some of the questions whose answers were sought out for by architecture students from five Central European countries during the workshop “Theatre Architecture, Visions and Possibilities” which took place from the 18th to the 20th of March 2009 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Thanks to a project of the National Theatre in Prague, TACE – Theatre Architecture in Central Europe, 70 students from Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak and Slovenian architecture schools were able to participate as well. They had a difficult task to solve, that being the design for a new theatre in Ljubljana which would fit suitably into the historical centre of the city and at the same time meet all the requirements for modern theatre operations. Architecture Students Design a New Theatre in Ljubljana 21:52 Students from five European countries will, thanks to the project TACE (Theatre Architecture in Central Europe), have the opportunity to design a new theatre building in the centre of Ljubljana. This will take place as part of the workshop “Theatre Architecture, Visions and Possibilities”, the first stage of which will be carried out from the 18th to the 20th of March 2009 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. 67 students from Bratislava, Brno, Budapest, Gdańsk, Gliwice, Liberec, Ljubljana and Prague will take part in the workshop. The goal will be the preparation of a project over the course of the summer semester for a modern theatre for the 21st century. Experimental Theatre Space 09:16 10th October 2008 Part of a symposium ART IN EXPERIMENTAL, INDUSTRIAL AND NON-TRADITIONAL SPACE The thematic section “Experimental Theatre Space” was a busy part of the symposium “Art in Experimental, Industrial and Non-traditional Space” which took place in the beginning of October. Most of the contributions were related to non-traditional space of theatre activities and also to influences of these innovative conceptions on the traditional theatre scene in the past and in the present.Erick van Egeraat completes Municipal Theatre Haarlem 11:52 Erick van Egeraat has completed the Municipal Theatre of Haarlem in the Netherlands. After five years of careful renovation and extension the theatre was officially opened by Princess Máxima of the Netherlands in late September. Theatre Architecture in Slovakia - Exhibition 15:09 Exhibition lasting May 9. – 28. Take place at Ministry of Culture of Slovakian Republic (SNP Square 33, Bratislava).