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Verona Philharmonic Theatre

Francesco Galli Bibiena

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(Podrobnosti)1716 | construction
Built in 1716 - 1732 to the design by Francesco Galli da Bibbiena.
(Podrobnosti)6.1.1732 | opening
Opened with La Fida Ninfa by Antonio Vivaldi, libretto by Scipione Maffei.
(Podrobnosti)1749 | fire

(Podrobnosti)23.2.1945 | fire



The most widely admired Bibiena theatre was probably the Teatro Filarmonico at Verona, built by Francesco Bibiena, and famous for its projecting boxes. The Filarmonico became something of a model to the Neoclassical generation. Francesco Milizia praised it in 1771 as being 'one of the best conceived theatres in Italy'. It had a fine staircase with four landings, and Milizia especially approved of the stalls entrance being placed next to the orchestra, 'as in the ancient Greek and Roman theatres, not exactly opposite the stage, since this point is the best for seeing and ought never to have been wasted on a doorway.'


In: Tidworth, Simon : Theatres: An Illustrated History. London 1973 p. 81



Avtor: Simon Tidworth

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