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Bedřich Feuerstein

Fecha de nacimiento: 1892
fecha de fallecimiento: 1936
Profesión principal: arquitecto
Enlaces: Wikipedia (n/a),Archiweb (n/a),Prostor - AD (n/a),DOCOMOMO (cs)

Similarly as Josef Gočár or Kamil Roškot, he united different modern style point of view with classicistic feeling. He avoided deformation already in his Cubistic designs from 1912-14. He was led by his sense for concreteness to puristic experiments culminating in the construction of crematorium in Nymburk. He was rather follower of modern Perret´s Classicism than Le Cobursier experiments, which was demonstrated in his later Paris and Tokio works.

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Competition for a new Czech theatre in Prague, 1922 (arquitecto - participante de la competición)

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