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Örkény István Theatre

alias Madách Színház 1940-1944., Színészkamara Központja 1944., Madách Színház Kamaraszínháza, Madách Kamara 1954-2004., Állami Faluszínház 1951-1954., Örkény István Színház 2004-, Állami Madách Színház 1947-1951., Színiakadémia Színháza 1946-1947., Madách Színház 1944-1945
Historia del teatrosuplementodatos técnicosEquipamiento histórico

eventos importantes

(Detalle)29. 11.1940 | opening performance

(Detalle)1982 | reconstruction


Gábor Schinagl |diseñador de interiores


Arhictectural description

The Örkény theatre is under the arcades of a block of flats in Madách Square, which was designed by the architect Gyula Wälder over the Örkény Theatre. From the foyer we can enter into the elongated circle-shaped auditorium. The stage and the auditorium are in the same symmetrical axle, but they connect with the lobby in an angle of refraction. Above the auditorium there is a dome, while on the side of the entrance, a balcony.



The project for a theatre from the year 1939 was designated for a dwelling and administrative complex of buildings on the new, still not completed at present, Madách street in close proximity to the historic centre of Budapest. The design was carried out by Gedeon Gerlóczy, one of the most significant figures in Hungarian Modernist architecture and evoked negative reactions in the specialised press at the time of its creation.



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