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Gárdonyi Géza Theatre of Eger

alias Municipal Theatre of Eger
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eventos importantes

(Detalle)20.08.1904 | Opening

(Detalle)1955 | Reconstruction

(Detalle)20.08.2000 | Reconstruction and opening


Imre Légmán |arquitecto
Géza Bárány |arquitecto


Architectural description

The architect Mr. Csaba Bodonyi brought to common denominator two different architectural designs. The theatre reconstruction carried out in the ‘60s has hardly preserved anything from the original building, which was originally built in 1904, in Eclectic style.

The Bodonyis strived for harmonizing the nearly 100 years old building with the reconstruction of the ‘60s, with lesser and greater success.  This task was solved according to his idea of combining the two styles instead of using a new one. Of course modern materials were also used, like glass to the mass of the flyloft, limestone to the pavement, and tin sheet material to cover the roof.



The first permanent theatre of the town was built with the plans of Imre Légmán and Géza Bárány. The festive opening was held on 20th August 1904. The building uses a surface of 920 square meters; the capacity of the audience was 650 seats. Each room of the theatre was equipped with air heating and electric lighting.

In 1908 the first motion picture company in Eger moved to the building, which held its screenings in the theatre building. The theatres in the province, just as the theatre in Eger were nationalized on 2nd September 1949. After this, the cinema was working in the building and the company from Miskolc brought guest performances there, until 1955.

The venue was renovated during the spring of 1955, the service areas (actors’ dressing rooms and bathrooms) were enlarged, and the lighting system was also modernized. From 1955/56 the town of Eger has a permanent theatre company. This is when the building took up the name of the renowned writer, Géza Gárdony, who was born here. The independent company worked until 1966, then it was merged with the National Theatre of Miskolc. From 1957 the theatre has a studio hall as well.

The theatre was rebuilt between 1961-1964. László Mányoki, János Szutor and Pál Moser were commissioned to make the plans. The auditorium, both downstairs and upstairs, was fringed with a foyer, covered with glass walls. The theatre seated 580 then. The new building was opened on 11th December 1964. From 1967 the theatre became a receiving venue, hosting the performances of the Miskolc theatre.

Following long debates, in 1985 as a first step, with the leadership of János Szikora, a theatre institution with a hosting function was founded, able to put up premieres and own directions, but without an independent company. On the spring of 1986 László Gali took over the managerial seat of the theatre. On the autumn of 1987/88 the Gárdonyi Géza Theatre started the season again with an independent company of 18 artists. From 1985-1997 the Harlekin Puppet Theatre was a division of the theatre.

The building soon needed renovations again. As a result of the enlargement and refurbishment process the operating circumstances of the building became considerable better and the surface of the venue increased with 1500 m2. The festive opening evening of the venue took place on 20th August 2000.




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