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Baj Pomorski Theatre

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Eventi importanti

(dettaglio)28.10.1945 | opening
(dettaglio)1960 | Ist North Poland Puppet Theatre Festival

(dettaglio)1994 | beginning of Puppet Theatres Meetings

(dettaglio)5.11.2006 | opening after reconstruction


(dettaglio)Elżbieta i Mateusz Grochoccy |architetto
designers of the new theater building

(dettaglio)Pavel Hubička |
designer of the new building of the Baj Pomorski Theatre


The building at 9 Piernikarska Street in Toruń, which now houses the Baj Pomorski Theatre, used to be the Scouts House and during the World War II belonged to the German Castle Theatre. It became the Baj’s headquarters in April 1946. Already in the 1950’s, after a thorough modernisation carried out during the directorship of Stanisław Stampf, it became one of the best equipped stages in Poland.  It favoured original artistic activity and constituted the infrastructure to organise the Puppet Theatres Festival of Northern Poland. In addition, it enabled the development of educative activity, which has been one of the theatre’s priorities since it came into existence.

         Between 2005 and 2006, during the directorship of Zbigniew Lisowski, the Baj Pomorski Theatre was thoroughly rebuilt and modernised according to a design drawn up by architects Elżbieta and Mateusz Grochowski, as well as a Czech set designer who had worked in Poland for many years, Pavel Hubičk. The project changed the appearance of the building, giving it the unique artistic expression, combining inspiration from the Gothic architecture of the city with modern solutions. The new elevations have irregular shapes, which are emphasised by the variety of the texture of the used materials: bricks, glass, concrete slabs and wood. The entrance to the theatre was given the shape of a huge, colourful, wooden wardrobe, wide open, full of drawers and decorated with ornaments.  The spacious, glazed foyer with a chimney is decorated by fabulous sofas and sculptures by Rafał Budnik. The theatre also holds a cafe and a conference room. All the rooms are now maintained in warm, red colours, finished with glass and metal elements.

         Significant changes were also introduced into the theatre rooms. The large stage was deepened, the auditorium enlarged from 270 to 304 seats, air conditioning installed and the orchestra stage reconstructed. New seats were also installed in the Small Room, holding 120 spectators, which enables the theatre space to be formed freely. The stages were equipped with modern technical and electro-acoustic devices: new generation lighting control and sound consoles, multimedia projectors, movable spotlights “Wash” and a modern amplification system that can ensure high quality sound in the whole theatre room. The rich technical infrastructure of stages allows various staging conceptions to be implemented, using various multimedia effects and modern stage solutions.

         The layout of office rooms in the old part of the theatre was changed, whereas a new part was erected at the rear, to which theatre workshops, stores, costume workshops, the laundry and drying room, as well as guestrooms were moved. An underground garage with 26 spaces was built under the theatre, and an overground garage was erected on two sides.

            The land of the theatre was enlarged with adjoining grounds, which meant an amphitheatre and a fountain embellished with a sculpture of a woman dancer could be erected in the theatre garden. This sculpture also forms part of a statuette granted at the International Puppet Theatres Meetings in Toruń for the best female role. At night, the whole theatre complex is lit with coloured illumination, emphasising the variety of lines and textures of the building. 

         The Gorchowskis and Hubička’s project was honoured at the competition “Poland even more beautiful”, and was nominated for the award of the television channel TVP Kultura in the category ‘Culture for Children and Youth’. The new building of the Baj Pomorski Theatre was also officially recognised as the Building of the Year of Toruń City of 2006 in the area of revitalisation.



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