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Jaroslav Fišer

data urodzenia: 1904
data śmierci: 1984
zawód: Architekt

He studied in Haag, Vienna and in Prague in AVU by Josef  Gočár. He worked in the Netherlands by H. P. Berlage in 1930s, participated on the project of Haag City Museum and worked in the firm Philips. He returned to Bohemia before the Second World War, he participated on development of lighting engineering. He worked as a lecturer and later as a professor on AVU.

Together with his brother, they design villa Joska in Prague colony Baba (1932), Lewi’s villa in  in Roudnice (1934), house for Jiří Trnka in Prague-Podolí and several block of flats in Prague and Liberec. Buildings of two Prague enterprises Spofa (formerly  Interpharma) in  Modřany and  Elektra (Tesla) in Hloubětín were being constructed according to their designs since the half of 1930s and during 1940s. They participated on array of competitions, for instance for Prague airport at Ruzyně with Evžen  Rosenberg. After the second world war, they designed jointly for instance adaptation of Prague passageway  Světozor and reconstruction of the theatre in Mnichovo Hradiště within adjustments of town hall.


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