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Aba-Novák Cultural Centre

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(zobrazit)1979 | opening


Aba Novák Cultural Centre in Szolnok was built according to the plan of an Ybl-prize winning architect, István Zoltai and was opened in 1979. The present name – Aba Novák Cultural Centre – was given after its reconstruction in 2006. This cultural institution is located in downtown of Szolnok at József Hild Square and is a dominant cultural centre of the city and the region from the beginnings.

The building is cuboid with two different masses in both size and materials. The ground floor mass is a concrete construction on which the first floor’s glass box is built, with glass curtain walls. This facade formation makes the structure light and transparent. On the ground floor shops and a cafe are located.

The building was formed to be able to perform smaller events and can be used for conferences as well. The cultural centre has a large capacity theatre room with flexible facilities. The theatre space is linear confronted type axially formed. Here the acting area is not in a closed theatre space, there is no back and wing stage. Due to the mobility of curtain the size of the stage can be increased or reduced according to the actual performance.

The upper machinery system of the stage, such as scenery and lighting flies, are fitted to the steel trassing of the floor. Due to the enforcement of good acoustic effects the walls are plated with soft wooden panels and offerin a pleasant feeling to the room occupants.



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