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Olympic Theatre

alias Royal Olympic Theatre, Little Drury Lane
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Important events

(detail)1806 | opening

(detail)29.3.1849 | fire

(detail)26.12.1849 | 2nd structure opened

(detail)1883 | alteration
Altered to the design by C. J. Phipps.
(detail)1890 | 3rd theatre constructed
To the design by Bertie Crewe and W. G. R. Sprague.


(detail)William George Robert Sprague |architect

It is perhaps not generally realized that almost all of London's superbly intimate turn-of-the-century playhouses were designed by one man; Sprague was the architect of Wyndham's (1899), the Albery (1903; see colour plate Vi), the Strand (1905), the Aldwych (1905), the Globe (1906), the Queen's (1907), the Ambassadors (1913) and the St Martin's (1916). He also designed several other theatres in the London area, most of which have been destroyed. The Coronet (1898), now the Gaumont Cinema in Netting Hill Gate, and the Camden (1901) in Camden Town still survive, though under threat of demolition. The Edward VII in Paris, though apparently extremely French, was also designed by Sprague.


In:  Glasstone, Victor: Victorian and Edwardian Theatres: An Architectural and Social Survey. Harvard 1975 p. 104

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