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The European Route Project (ERHT)

The aim of this project is to make a unique part of the common European heritage better known among the general public: the historic theatres. To this end, a cultural tourism route is being created, leading to 120 outstanding theatres all across Europe. This European Route opens country by country, until its completion in 2016. Additionally, an Internet database aims at presenting not only the selected theatres, but all still existing historic theatres in Europe. A travelling exhibition will illustrate the background to this outstanding heritage. And many meetings as well as an annual conference give the participating theatre managers the opportunity for exchange and cross-border cooperation.

The project ERHT runs from 2012 to 2017 and is headed by PERSPECTIV, the non-profit association of historic theatres in Europe, which already conducted a test project 2007 to 2009. The European Route is divided into part routes, each taking into consideration the geographical, historical and cultural context of the theatres in a given country or a group of countries. Nine partner organizations act as co-organizers of the European Route. Each partner is responsible for one part route. The ATI Arts & Theatre Institute in Prague, for example, is in charge of the Emperor Route which connects theatres from the Czech Republic and Austria, with future extensions into Slovakia and Hungary.

By participating in this project, historic theatres gain international publicity, resulting in an increased interest by the public and by experts; and there is also the possibility to establish contacts with foreign theatres.

The travelling exhibition grows from the cooperation of six more co-organizers of the project, theatre collections from six countries. The exhibition is entitled “The history of Europe – told by its theatres”. It will open in 2015 in Warsaw and subsequently travel to London, Copenhagen, Munich, Vienna and Ljubljana.

The basis for the database was laid in a previous project, TACE – Theatre Architecture in Central Europe, that covered theatres in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia. The resulting database is now being expanded to include all other countries, continuously growing on www.theatre-architecture.eu and to be completed by 2017.

You can learn more about this project on www.europeanroute.info



The European Route of Historic Theatres in 2016


The aim of the project is to promote the still existing historic theatres in Europe by way of a new cultural tourism route, a free online database, and a travelling exhibition, also fostering cross-border cooperation among these theatres.

Historic theatres in 5 minutes

Litomyšl - Castle Theatre

Český Krumlov - Castle Theatre

Graz - Opera

Vienna - Theater an der Vien

Weitra - Castle Theatre

Grein - Municipal Theatre

Kačina - Castle Theatre

Mnichovo Hradiště - Castle Theatre

Graz - Drama Thatre