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Ivo Loos

Date of birth: 1934
Date of death: 2009
Main profession: architect
Links: http://zpravy.idnes.cz/zemrel-spolutvurce-palachova-nahrobku-architekt-i-vynikajici-fotograf-ivo-loos-gf5-/kavarna.asp?c=A090417_144108_kavarna_bos (n/a)

He left a mark on the Czech architecture as with his realizations as with his designs. A large part of his work is connected with the atelier Spojprojekt Praha (1974 – 1997). His most renown realization is the building of transit control on Vinohradská Street in Prague (1978), on which he collaborated with J. Eisenreich, J. Malátko and V. Aulický, that represents one of the most  distinct examples of Brutalist architecture. He was employed for short, however important time in SÚRPMO (1975–1977), where he participated in completion of buildings of the National Theatre (finished in 1983).


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Pardubice Competition 1961-1962 (architect - participant of the competition)

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