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Teatro Grande

Luigi Canonica

alias Teatro Nuovo
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Important events

(detail)1664 | construction
The first theatre was constructed on the site.
(detail)1739 | Alteration
The theatre was rebuilt by architect Manfredi, with collaboration of Antonio Righini and Antonio Cugini in 1735-39.
(detail)60. 's 18. century | Alteration
In 1760-69, reconstruction in rococo style was carried out, designed by Marchetti and frescoed by Battaglioli, Giugno and Scalvini.
(detail)1780 | Alteration
A new portico was added, designed by architects Antonio Vigliani and Gaspare Turbini.
(detail)1806 | Alteration
Luigi Canonica demolished the old hall and built a new 'horseshoe' shaped auditorium with five rows of boxes.
(detail)1810 | Opening

(detail)1863 | Alteration





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