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Franta Anýž

Date of birth: 1. 2. 1876
Date of death: 8. 10. 1954
Main profession: interior designer
Links: Prostor - AD (n/a),4-construction (cz)

He was initially manufacturing  jewelry and items from iron and leather in Art Nouveau style with characteristical floral ornaments. He founded a modern iron founding firm (Anyž - later Zukov) and cooperated with significant sculptors and architects on realization of their works (Municipal house, St. Vitus cathedral). He was manufacturing illuminants, which connected  high quality of workmanship with simple shapes.

In: Prostor - AD

found 4 theatre(s)


Czech Republic  |  Náchod  |  show on the map

Stages: main stage, minor hall

Jirásek Theatre Hronov (interior designer)

Czech Republic  |  Hronov  |  show on the map

Stages: main stage


Czech Republic  |  Prostějov  |  show on the map

Stages: main stage

Theatre without a Balustrade (interior designer)

Czech Republic  |  Prague  |  show on the map

Stages: main stage