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Emil Králík

Date of birth: 21. 2. 1880
Date of death: 26. 6. 1946
Main profession: architect
Links: Archiweb (n/a),Prostor - AD (n/a),Brněnský architektonický manuál (cs),DOCOMOMO (cs),SlavneVily.cz (n/a)

A disciple of Josef Schulz and Jan Koula and a trainee in the atelier of Antonín Balšánek and Osvald Polívka averted from his teacher soon. He searched for modern expression, which would meet rationalism, but would not give up an artistic character of architectural work. He found inspiration  partly in the Kotěra´s work, partly in the line of production outcoming from the Wagner Viennese school.

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Czech Republic  |  Brno


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Czech Republic  |  Brno  |  show on the map