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Narodowy Theatre (National Theatre)

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Important events

(detail)1825 | beginning of the construction of the theatre

(detail)1883 | first conflagration

(detail)2.11.1919 | second conflagration

(detail)3.10.1924 | opening of the National Theatre after the reconstruction

(detail)1944 | third conflagration

(detail)X.3.1985 | fourth conflagration

(detail)19.11.1997 | opening after the reconstruction


(detail)Witold Filler |other
Writer, journalist, specializing in theater criticism and the history of Polish theater, especially cabaret and circus.More theatres

(detail)Krzysztof Torończyk |theatre director
economist, director of Osterwa Theatre in Lublin since 2000 (previously, form 1978-1992 he was vice-director), also director of National Theatre in Warsaw from 1996 to 1998 (administrative director) and head director from 1998More theatres




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