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Municipal Theatre

Friedrich Lehmann

alias Stadttheater
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Important events

(detail)1907 | construction
Preliminary design of a new theatre was worked out by Martin Dulfer, but not carried out for finacial reasons. Finally built to the design by Friedrich Lehmann between 1907-09.
(detail)20.9.1909 | opening
Opened with „Julius Cesar" by William Shakespeare.
(detail)1945 | Destruction
Destruction of the theatre during a large allied attack on Osnabruck
(detail)1949 | alteration
Reconstruction in slightly altered form was carried out in 1949-50.
(detail)1987 | alteration


Friedrich Lehmann |main architect
(detail)Martin Dülfer |architect - participant of the competition

German architect and professor, who designed initially in Baroque Revival style and around 1900 employed Art Nouveau and joined both the branches to original synthesis. He built especially for higher middle class.


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