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Kamil Roškot

Fecha de nacimiento: 1886
fecha de fallecimiento: 1945
Profesión principal: arquitecto
Enlaces: CV on Answers.com (en),Prostor - AD (n/a),Archiweb (n/a)

Versatile in technical, art and philosophical side of architecture with visionary projects. He gradually proceeded from classicising Modern towards Functionalist abstraction. He used pure geometric volumes in his  monumental designs. Despite generosity and architectural austerity, Roškot always respected the conditions of the surroundings and characteristics of materials. His thinking is at best represented by the building in Ústí nad Orlicí that belongs among the most interesting works of the interwar architecture. However, the majority of Roškot’s designs has remained unrealized.

Text: ing arch Kamil Dvořák, DrSc, in: Architekti v českých zemích (Prostor – AD)

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Archa Theatre (arquitecto - participante de la competición)

República Checa  |  Prague  |  mostrar en el mapa

escenarios (de un teatro): main stage

Roškot Theatre (arquitecto principal)

República Checa  |  Ústí nad Orlicí  |  mostrar en el mapa

escenarios (de un teatro): Roškot Theatre Ústí nad Orlicí