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Borgobello Puppet Theatre

Paolo Belardi, Simone Bori, Alessio Burini, Carl Volckerts

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(Detalle)30.06.2010 | construction

conversion of a former stables building from the 19th cebtury into theatre entitrly dedicated to puppet shows.

realization 2010-2012

Architectural layout : HOF (Paolo Belardi, Simone Bori, Alessio Burini, Carl Volckerts),

(Detalle)17.06.2012 | opening


Paolo Belardi |arquitecto principal
Simone Bori |arquitecto principal
Alessio Burini |arquitecto principal
Carl Volckerts |arquitecto principal


The new Borgobello Puppet Theatre, which is the first of its kind in Italy, regards the renovation and conversion of a former stable building to a theatre entirely dedicated to puppet shows. The original nineteenth-century building previously belonged to the military headquarters which until early twentieth century were housed in the adjacent former monastery building. It is located in Perugia's historic center in a picturesque space surrounded the mighty Basilica of San Domenico, Palazzo dell'Inquisizione and Parco di Santa Margherita. A beautiful but forgotten and inaccessible part of the city that the project from an urban perspective seeks to integrate into the city's vital network by introducing a new and unique function.

From an architectural point of view, the project treats the original building with respect by limiting the intervention to the absolutely necessary operations to accommodate the new function. The linear shaped original building is divided into five parts: entrance with foyer, wardrobe, ticket counter and toilets (characterized by a number of graphic and chromatic inserts); theatre hall (characterized by the wooden roof and chairs upholstered in fabric of different colors) ; stage (characterized by the rust colored curtain), and stage facilities with exhibition and workshop (characterized by a crowd of handcrafted masks and puppets). For the outside a picturesque configuration was proposed which is betrayed only by the doors and steles in rusted steel and the walkway in exposed aggregate concrete with a central linear metal drainage.



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