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Jerzy Szaniawski Drama Theatre

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Eventi importanti

(dettaglio)12.1.1975 | inauguration of the stage

premiere of "Krakowiacy i Górale"

director:    Jan Skotnicki,     choreography:    Jan Uryga,    set design:    Marian Iwanowicz,    music:    Jan Stefani, Karol Kurpiński  

(dettaglio)1980 | theatr has been named after Jarzy Szaniawski
(dettaglio)2007 | reconstruction


The Jerzy Szaniawski Dramatyczny Theatre in Płock was set up in 1974 under the name “Płock Theatre – the Culture and Art Centre”. The headquarters of the theatre were the Community Centre in Tumska Street, combining the historic architecture of the old town with the “New Płock” buildings from the 1970s. The freestanding building was erected from material left over after the company Orlen, on the projection of a rectangle at the back of the yard, according to the design of Tadeusz Zieliński and Stefan Putowski. The horizontal skyline of the flat building was emphasised by the two-storey division of the front wall as a result of separating the glazed ground floor, as well as the use of an elongated concrete construction element supported by four pillars, considerably projecting beyond the elevation. Along with the surrounding buildings, which were not spaciously linked, the theatre belonged to a group of buildings located between the older and the newer part of the city, chaotic in style and deprived of a cohesive architectural shape.

The reconstruction and renovation of the theatre building, in 2006 and 2007, included the technological and functional transformation of the interior, as well as a transformation of the external look of the edifice, in order to reinvent it in the landscape of the city, and to change the appearance of Nowy Rynek. Architects Adam Nawrot and Jakub Wujek drew up the reconstruction design, which was completed from the funds of the Government of the Masovian Voivodeship.

            The entrance to the theatre was left in the same place, though  the whole elevation was covered and significantly enlarged with glass panes fixed to a metal openwork construction consisting of two platforms. Two glass surfaces, one on top of the other, provide an interesting visual effect. The part covering the front elevation reflects, like a mirror, the car park along with the buildings surrounding the theatre, whereas the transparent part of the construction, projecting beyond the elevation, “absorbs” the buildings and the section of the street at the rear of the theatre. In the latter part there is a square passage between two glass platforms from which a corridor leads to the main entrance. In this way, the theatre came into existence in the context of the surrounding city space, focusing elements of the reality outside the theatre in the specific prism of a glass platform.

The interior of the theatre was also largely transformed. The cloakroom in the lower hall and the upper foyer were rebuilt, while the space was optically enlarged as a result of fitting mirrored walls. The scenic area was modernised with a view to allowing the multifunctional use of both the Large Stage and the Chamber Stage. The latter was equipped with folding seats that can be dismantled quickly in order to make a flexible space, adaptable to meet the needs of every performance. The Large Stage was deepened and enlarged with wings, whereas the auditorium was finished modestly in sober red and beige. As for the stage, the box set was raised, trapdoors, a revolving stage, mobile lighting bridges and mobile trusses were all installed. In connection with modern technical solutions, such as mobile lighting projectors, they enable the theatre to present not only drama, but also musical and dance performances.



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