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Festival Theatre

alias Southminster Theatre, Empire Variety Theatre, Edinburgh Empire, Empire Palace, Queen’s Theatre, Royal Amphitheatre
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Important events

(detail)1892 | construction

(detail)1911 | alteration

(detail)1928 | opening
New theatre was built built on the site by W & T R Milburn.



The original Empire Palace opened in Edinburgh in 1892 with fantastic success, largely due to its architect Frank Matcham. His technical virtuosity in providing just what was required led to the chain of music halls in provincial cities which were incorporated in 1899 as Moss' Empires Limited. It is interesting to note that this programme of 1903 still extols the theatre, and its architect, as one of its main attractions.


In: Glasstone, Victor: Victorian and Edwardian Theatres: An Architectural and Social Survey. Harvard 1975 p. 90



Author: Victor Glasstone

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