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Opernhaus in Salvatorplatz

Francesco Santurini

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Important events

(detail)1657 | opening

(detail)1685 | alteration
In 1685 it had been remodelled by the Italian architects Domenico and Gasparo Mauro. The Elector's box is its most conspicuous feature, the parterre still being left open so that the action could come forward 'in the round' if desired.
(detail)1795 | demolition



In the decade after the Thirty Years' War, German and Austrian princes began providing themselves with theatres and opera houses. That at Munich, the Opernhaus in Salvatorplatz, built by a local baumeister in collaboration with the Venetian Francesco Santurini, was actually the first German theatre outside the walls of a palace. It was old-fashioned by Italian standards, but three galleries and a royal box were added in 1685 by Mauro.


In: Tidworth, Simon : Theatres: An Illustrated History. London 1973 p. 74



Author: Simon Tidworth

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