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Jindřich Freiwald

Date of birth: 1890
Date of death: 1945
Main profession: architect
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Belonged among the most productive Czech architects of the 1920s and 1930s. An architectural studio, which was led jointly by him and Jaroslav Böhm (Freiwald & Böhm), designed large quantity of family houses, dozens of blocks of flats, financial houses and several congregations of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church in the area spreading from Duchcov to Slovakia. In context of Freiwald´s occasionally qualitatively floating work, three theatre buildings are evaluated very highly: Hronov (1930), Chrudim (1934) and Kolín (1939). He died in fights liberating Prague in the end of the WW2.

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City Theatre Kolín (main architect)

Czech Republic  |  Kolín  |  show on the map

Stages: Main stage


Czech Republic  |  Čáslav  |  show on the map

Stages: Main stage

Jirásek Theatre Hronov (main architect)

Czech Republic  |  Hronov  |  show on the map

Stages: main stage

Karel Pippich Theatre (main architect)

Czech Republic  |  Chrudim  |  show on the map

Stages: Main stage

Na Kovárně Theatre (main architect)

Czech Republic  |  Poděbrady   |  show on the map

Stages: Poděbrady main stage