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Miloslav Tengler

Date of birth: 1920
Date of death: 1985
Main profession: architect
Links: http://www.piestanskydennik.sk/uvod/detail-clanku/piestanski-stavitelia-miloslav-tengler-2118/?tx_ttnews[pointer]=3 (n/a)

Life-long member of Stavoprojekt company, where he was assigned to resolve tasks from domain of industry bulding, gradually focusing to domain of solving housing buildings.

Source: www.piestanskydennik.sk

found 2 theatre(s)

Janáček Theatre (architect - participant of the competition)

Czech Republic  |  Brno  |  show on the map

Stages: Main stage

South Bohemian Theatre (architect - participant of the competition)

Czech Republic  |  České budějovice  |  show on the map

Stages: main stage