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Zygmunt Hubner Powszechny Theatre

alias Teatr Popularny (Popular Theatre, 1945), Teatr m.st. Warszawy (Warsaw City Theatre, 1944-1945), Teatr Powszechny (MTD) (Popular Theatre - Drama City Theatres 1945-1949), Teatr Powszechny (Popular Theatre, 1949-1989)
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Important events

(detail)1949 | reconstruction
new building from Zieleniecka Avenue was added, renovation of auditorium
(detail)25.1.1975 | opening after recontruction with "Danton's Case" directed by Andrzej Wajda
(detail)2009 | extensive rebuilding
project: ARHEAD Sp. z o. o. – architects: Tomasz Grabowski, Anna Maląg, Marta Maląg, Krystyna Sztafrowska, Marek Sztafrowski
(detail)1970 | extensive rebuilding
architect: Jerzy Gajewski
(detail)30. 's 20. century | construction of the building
architect: Andrzej Stypiński
(detail)7.10.1944 | opening night

Koncert popularny - Stanisław Wyspiański: Modlitwa z Wyzwolenia, Adam Mickiewicz: Koncert Jankiela z Pana Tadeusza, Antoni Słonimski: Alarm, Stanisław Moniuszko: arie z Halki (Popular concert - Stanisław Wyspiański: Preyer from Liberation, Adam Mickiewicz: Jankiel’s concert from Mister Thaddeus, Antoni Słonimski: Alarm, Stanisław Moniuszko: arias from Helen)


(detail)Jerzy Gajewski |architect

He was the author of the projects of the general reconstruction of the building in the years 1970-1975

(detail)Tadeusz Łomnicki |director, theatre director
Actor, director, creator of Teatr na Woli.More theatres

(detail)Andrzej Wajda |director
Polish film and theater director.More theatres


Powszechny Theatre designed by Andrzej Stypinski, opened in autumn 1944 was the first theatre which started to operate in postwar Warsaw. It was established at the initiative of Jan Mrozinski as the Popular Theatre and since September 1945 has been named Powszechny Theatre. It is located at Zamoyski 20 street in Warsaw’s Praga district. Its official opening took place on the 10th of February 1945 in the room which once worked as the cinema and was slowly converted for theatre needs.

However, in quite a short time it turned out that existing building is not enough for theatre what even within 1949-1950 resulted in rebuilding, enlarging the existing five-storey tenement with four window shafts of, reaching up to third floor, building from Al. Zieleniecka side. Owing to this, enlargement of back rooms became possible. There was also modernized the stage equipment and the auditorium was renovated. The main room got, survived up to this day, location of the stage and auditorium consisting of first floor and balcony. The theatre operated in such shape within 29 years up to another renovation. On the 1st of March 1970 theatre at Zamoyski street was closed and underwent a thorough 5-year renovation. The building once again was almost tripled in size, giving it the shape of four-storey building with capacity of 27000 cubic meters, whereas the old one had only 10000. Initiator of this readaptation project was Jerzy Gajewski. The main feature and as it were a mark of renovated building located from Al. Zieleniecka side was the small porch with glazed doors, roofed with a little bit inclined to the wall of the building pentice. Over the cornice there was put a big neon sign: “Powszechny Theatre” being both information and decorative mark of the main facade with the cube of fly over it. From the side of Kamionkowski lake there are visible long and narrow windows of the foyer. The other elevations are much more modest. Inside established on the plan of square building there is a yard. On the first floor was opened small theatre stage with amphitheatre auditorium on the projection of semicircle (for about 350 people) as it were, including distinctly moved towards the audience, proscenium. The big stage, measurement: width – 13 m, depth – 8,6 m, height – 15 m, with one left scene-dock, was equipped with revolving scene. Sewer of the orchestra is not being used – was covered and lengthen the proscenium towards the auditorium.

Since 1975 to 2009 the theatre functioned in newly readapted and rebuilt building, being one of the most beautiful and the most functional theatres in the city. In November 2003 the theatre opened third stage, originally used for young people, which holds 50 spectators. The building of Powszechny Theatre is placed on the list of Association of Polish Architects containing the register of objects acknowledged by SARP as the Contemporary Culture heritage. In the theatre season 2008/2009 there was planned another thorough renovation and modernization of the building.



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Author: Anna Turowiec

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