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(detail)1608 | opening

(detail)20. 's 17. century | closure


Whitefriars was a small private playhouse in the refectory hall of the Whitefriars monastery, situated near the present Bouverie Street. It was adapted in the style of the first Blackfriars Theatre by Thomas Woodford and Michael Drayton in about 1608. Among the plays produced there were Nathan Field's A Woman is a Weathercock (1609) and John Marston's The Insatiate Countess (1610). It was still in use in 1621 but its later history is obscure. Pepys, in his diary for 1660, records a visit there to see Massinger's The Bondman, one of his favourite plays, but he may have meant Salisbury Court, which replaced it in 1629 and with which it is sometimes confused.



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