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Opera House at Zwinger

Matthäus Daniel Pöppelmann

alias Opernhaus am Zwinger
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Important events

(detail)3.9.1719 | opening
Opened with opera Giovi in Argo by Antonio Lotti. On 13 September of 1719 followed the premiere of the opera Teofane, also by Antonio Lotti, to a libretto by Stefano Pallavicini on the occasion of the celebration of the marriage of the Elector of Saxony, later Elector Friedrich August II, to Maria Josepha of Austria.
(detail)1738 | alteration

(detail)1750 | alteration
Enlarged under Giuseppe Galli Bibiena.
(detail)6.5.1849 | fire


(detail)Giuseppe Galli da Bibiena |architect
Stage sets. IN: Hammitzsch, Martin: Der moderne Theaterbau. 1904 p. 144 - 148 More theatres


The opera house at Dresden of 1719 had a cramped auditorium with galleries, not boxes, the benches arranged in such a way that only those in the centre faced the stage. When the theatre was rebuilt by Zucchi in 1738, he replaced the galleries by boxes, but transferred the same seating arrangements to the floor of the house—an indication that the court still looked for a hall theatre, with the performing area (potentially at least) in the middle.



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