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Municipal Theatre

Hermann Helmer, Ferdinand Fellner

alias Stadttheater
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Important events

(detail)1876 | construction
Built 1876-1877 to the design by Ferdinand Fellner & Hermann Helmer. The construction works began on 20th July of 1876 with the excavation of foundations, the roof was built by the end of 1876, and the stucco work began in the first months of 1877.
(detail)26.11.1877 | opening
Built in 1876-1877 by Ferdinand Fellner & Hermann Helmer. Opened with Weber's "Jubelouverture" and Beethoven's "Fidelio".
(detail)1939 | Alteration
1938-1939 major renovations and alterations by Freyberger and Paul Baumgarten sr. (rebuilding of stagehouse, extension of foyers and façade, major redecoration of foyers, minor redecoration of auditorium ). Re-opened 24 May 1939 with Wagner's "Lohengrin".
(detail)25.2.1944 | fire
Destroyed by bombs on 25/26 Feb 1944.
(detail)10.11.1956 | alteration
1948 roof rebuilding. 1952-1956 rebuilding to modern plans within the remaining exterior walls. Re-opened 10 Nov 1956 with Mozart's "Le nozze di Figaro".


(detail)Hermann Helmer |main architect
The phenomenon of the architects Fellner and Helmer would be difficult to capture with only one building. Their work consisted of continual, although somewhat stereotypical, work in terms of style. They placed a great emphasis on achieving the technical-operational needs of theatre buildings. They created a large number of theatres (mainly national theatres) in Central Europe - Austria, Croatia, Romania, the Czech Republic, etc.More theatres

(detail)Theodor Friedl |sculptor

Sculptor, author of original decoration in Prague State Opera.

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DIENES, Gerhard M. et al Fellner & Helmer: Die Architekten der Illusion : Theaterbau und Bühnenbild in Europa : anlässlich des Jubiläums "100 Jahre Grazer. Graz: Stadtmuseum, 1999. ISBN 39-007-6421-2. p. 128 - 131


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