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Municipal Theatre

Hermann Helmer, Ferdinand Fellner

alias Stadttheater
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Important events

(detail)1906 | architectural competition
Restricted competition for a theatre building was announced in 1906, which was won by the Fellner & Helmer atelier in collaboration with Hans Meyer. Other participants were Martin Dülfer, Bernhard Sehring, Carl Moritz and C. Tittrich.
(detail)23.7.1907 | opening
The theatre was opened on 23rd July 1907 with Der Zerbrochene Krug by Heinrich von Kleist and Wallenstein's Camp by Friedrich Schiller. The exterior of the building is decorated in a simple Art Nouveau style.
(detail)6.12.1944 | fire
The auditorium fell prey to fire, caused by an allied air strike.
(detail)1951 | renovation
The auditorium and the foyer were renovated, however, the historical style elements were lost. The reopening of the theatre took place on 18th November 1951 with Wagner's "Tannhäuser".


(detail)Hermann Helmer |main architect
The phenomenon of the architects Fellner and Helmer would be difficult to capture with only one building. Their work consisted of continual, although somewhat stereotypical, work in terms of style. They placed a great emphasis on achieving the technical-operational needs of theatre buildings. They created a large number of theatres (mainly national theatres) in Central Europe - Austria, Croatia, Romania, the Czech Republic, etc.More theatres

Hans Meyer |architect
(detail)Martin Dülfer |architect - participant of the competition

German architect and professor, who designed initially in Baroque Revival style and around 1900 employed Art Nouveau and joined both the branches to original synthesis. He built especially for higher middle class.


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Bernhard Sehring |architect - participant of the competition
Carl Moritz |architect - participant of the competition


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