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Deutsches Schauspielhaus

Hermann Helmer, Ferdinand Fellner

alias Staatliches Schauspielhaus
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Important events

(detail)15.9.1900 | opening
It was designed in 1899-1900 by Ferdinand Fellner & Hermann Helmer and opened on 15th September of 1900 with Beethoven's ouverture "Die Weihe des Hauses" and Goethe's "Iphigenie auf Tauris".
(detail)1913 | alteration
Remodeling of the dress circle foyer "Marble Hall" in an Art Deco style.
(detail)1934 | alteration
Renovation of the stalls and the electrical installation; color transformation of the auditorium.
(detail)1981 | alteration
Modernization of stage technology, addition of an administrative and technical building.
(detail)1984 | alteration
Extensive repair and restoration of the auditorium, the entrance foyers and staircases to the first rank. The aim was the recovery of the historical features and original space appearance.


(detail)Hermann Helmer |main architect
The phenomenon of the architects Fellner and Helmer would be difficult to capture with only one building. Their work consisted of continual, although somewhat stereotypical, work in terms of style. They placed a great emphasis on achieving the technical-operational needs of theatre buildings. They created a large number of theatres (mainly national theatres) in Central Europe - Austria, Croatia, Romania, the Czech Republic, etc.More theatres

(detail)Józef Bergmann |architect
Architect, manager of the buildingMore theatres

(detail)Ludwig/Leopold Kosig |sculptor

Among his works belong Apollo Cycle, stucco figuration  at the ceiling’s edge in the Graz Theatre auditorium.

In: LIST, R. Kunst und Künstler in der Steiermark. Ein Nachschlagwerk. OÖ. Landesverlag Ried im Innkreis 1967, s. 428.

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Karl Garbers |sculptor


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