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Tonhalle / Kongresshaus

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Important events

(detail)19.10.1895 | opening
Concert hall, built 1893-1895 by Ferdinand Fellner & Hermann Helmer. Opened in 19-22 Oct 1895 with Brahms's "Triumphlied" and Beethoven's 9th Symphony. The complex was comprised of three halls: "Hauptsaal", also known as "Großer Tonhallensaal" (1546 seats), "Kleiner Saal" (600 seats), and "Pavillon" (900 seats).
(detail)1938 | alteration
Partly demolished (towers, auditorium decoration and "Pavillon" building completely destroyed), re-built as a congress hall "Kongresshaus" by Häfeli/Moser/Steiger.
(detail)70. 's 20. century | Alteration
1977-1979 rebuilding of musicians' rooms, addition of a new glass tower between the old building and the new congress hall buildings by Peter Steiger.


Arnold Bürkli |architect
(detail)Hermann Helmer |architect
The phenomenon of the architects Fellner and Helmer would be difficult to capture with only one building. Their work consisted of continual, although somewhat stereotypical, work in terms of style. They placed a great emphasis on achieving the technical-operational needs of theatre buildings. They created a large number of theatres (mainly national theatres) in Central Europe - Austria, Croatia, Romania, the Czech Republic, etc.More theatres

Fritz Wehrli |architect




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