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Spanish Theatre

alias Corral de Comedias del Príncipe, Teatro Español, Teatro del Príncipe (1745 - 1802), Corral de la Pacheca
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Important events

(detail)21.9.1589 | opening
First theatre on the site was opened.
(detail)40. 's 18. century | demolition

(detail)1745 | opening
Second theatre at the site was built in 1745 as "Teatro del Príncipe" to the design by Giovanni Battista Sacchetti.
(detail)1802 | fire

(detail)1849 | opening

(detail)1895 | opening

(detail)1929 | alteration
1929-1930 renovation
(detail)19.10.1975 | fire



All Spanish theatre history can be told by the “Spanish Theatre”, as it started its life already in the 16th century!

Teatro Español • Calle Príncipe, 25 • 28012 Madrid • Spain • Tel.: +34 (0)91 360 14 84 (11:30-13:30) • www.teatroespanol.es

Visits: guided tours Tuesday to Friday at 12:00 noon; groups on appointment

Centro de Tourismo
Tel.: +34 (0)91 454 44 10



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